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Cool Earth Paper – The Paper That Saves Trees

Cool Earth Paper – The Paper That Saves Trees

“Helping Cool Earth to halt tropical deforestation makes a real difference. Perhaps the biggest difference we will make in our whole lives”
Sir David Attenborough

The Cool Earth approach is so effective because they put people, not trees first.

By partnering with rainforest communities to improve quality of life, this enables them to protect their surrounding forests from threats such as commercial logging, commercial agriculture and extractive industries. Since 2007, Cool Earth has worked in all three rainforest biomes – the Congo Basin, Amazonia and Oceania. 

Their partnerships are located on the frontline of deforestation, in countries where the threat to the forest is greatest. Cool Earth grows by word of mouth, with neighbouring villages and new communities asking to work with them too. This is integral as the partnerships are driven by the communities they work with as they help put local people back in control.


• An award winning community-led conservation model that has been successfully replicated
in all three of the world’s major rainforest biomes.
• 116 village partners throughout the world, and more rainforest under the 24/7 protection of
indigenous people than any other NGO or government.
• Protection of 901,000 acres of rainforest that would otherwise have been destroyed.
• Safeguarding the habitats of more than 80 species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Reams now come wrapped in an environmentally friendly packaging material that is completely recyclable and plastic-free – no extra waste disposal required. Using online coated paper produced from renewable wood fibres, the unique barrier is safe to use and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
The mill where the paper is produced has been listed as the forest and paper industry leader in the in the Dow Jones European and World Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 2018-2019 for the sixth time.

The Story So Far...

Trees in the Amazon Rainforest

All these trees have been saved within one year and this is being increased by 1,660 every month. Plus over 8,000 different species of animals protected and their homes saved.

In 2017 Cool Earth paper was shortlisted for an illustrious European Office Products Award. For
2018 & 2019 Cool Earth copier paper has been awarded with the prestigious Stationers Company Warrant. Introduced in 2014, the warrant goes back to the company’s roots as a Livery Company in recognising and promoting excellent products and services.

PEFC certified, an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification. Additionally the production process has achieved the EU Ecolabel, which recognises the product as having a reduced environmental impact throughout its life cycle, from the extraction of raw material through to production, use and disposal.

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